Energy Elevated

Cynthia Stonehocker Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner   


There is a sense of beauty, calmness, and clarity as you view the summit of a mountain. I love the panorama of beauty and majesty seen there! I invite you to welcome that kind of "Elevation" into your life!

As we and our children journey through life we encounter obstacles on our path that prevent us from experiencing a state of emotional and mental wellbeing. I remove the energetic blocks with the SimplyHealed Method so you can live abundantly and harmoniously. This method clears the way to release negative beliefs, behaviors, and emotions so you are free to move forward more empowered to respond to people, challenges and situations clearly, peacefully, confidently, and happily.

There is no better time to embark on your journey to beautiful, personal vistas than today!


Some of these results are reported by clients:

  • Enhanced Relationships
  • Increased Confidence and Self Worth
  • Improved Finances
  • Overcome Grief
  • Resolved Past and Present Hurts, Loss and Disappointments
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Improved Motivation and Productivity